Drum Truck Terms of Service

By signing up to have lessons in the Drum Truck* you agree to adhere to our terms of service. These are as follows:

Termination of lessons: You must give 1 months notice if you wish to cancel your lessons. (One calendar month is from 1st -10th of a given month to end that end of the SAME month, after the 10th it is the end of the following month)

Missed lessons by the pupil: Any lesson missed by the pupil for ANY reason is, unfortunately, missed and Drum Truck are not obligated to catch or refund any lesson. It is to be made clear that it is the weekly time slot that is paid for and NOT the actual lessons themselves.

Missed lessons by the teacher: If a teacher misses a lesson all efforts will be made to catch up the lesson before the school year has finished. If a catch up time cannot be arranged at the convenience of the teacher and pupil then the money for that missed lesson will be refunded at the end of the year.

Payment methods: We accept standing orders / direct debit as a form of monthly payment only. Cheques and cash are not accepted. A PayPal payment of the 1st two months + tuition book are required to be made for the “initial payment” which secures your child’s time slot and enables them to be added to the timetable and for lessons to commence OR a direct debit must be set up to secure the child’s time slot. A standing order / direct debit must then be set up and in place ready for the 1st of the month AFTER those initial two months (already paid for) are completed for lessons to continue. Lessons may be refused to a child if this payment is not made and an administration fee of £18 may be added and an invoice sent for a any month not covered by a standing order / direct debit. The setting up of the standing order / direct debit is the responsibility of the person paying for drum lessons and should be either set up online or at their bank. Drum Truck can post out standing order / direct debit form however a cost of £5 (added to the 1st payment) will be incurred for this to cover the cost for stamps and admin. If an STO form is sent out and not returned in time and another is needed to be sent out a FURTHER £5 will be added (and a subsequent £5 to each new one that needs to be sent out).

Reference on STO: The reference on the standing order / direct debit MUST be the name of the child having the drum lessons (e.g “Joe Blogs”). This is in order for us to search statements quicker and easier using our pupil list. A fine of £10 will be incurred by the person paying for lessons should the reference not be correct resulting in an email needing to be sent out to rectify the mistake.

Failure to cancel a standing order / direct debit after termination of lessons: It is the responsibility of the customer to cancel a standing order / direct debit after termination of lessons. You will be advised by Drum Truck as to when the standing order / direct debit needs to run until and when it needs to be cancelled by but Drum Truck has no control over a standing order / direct debit therefore it is solely the responsibility of the customer to make sure it is cancelled. Drum Truck are not obligated to refund any further payments made to their account after the lessons have been terminated.

30 day money back guarantee: Within 30 days from your child’s FIRST lesson you can chose to cancel lessons at any point for a full refund. The tuition book will need to be given back to Drum Truck. The initial payment needs to have been made and a standing order / direct debit needs to have been set up for continuation of lessons, however if within the 30day period notice is given (up to 5pm on the 30th day) a full refund of all monies paid will be refunded however the cancelation of the standing order / direct debit is your responsibility to cancel.

Drum Truck reserve the right to change the day and time of any lesson to fit in with their timetable between the hours of 8am-4pm Monday to Friday without giving notice.

Drum Truck reserves the right to change the price of lessons at any point in the year however at least 30days notice will be given in case you wish to give us notice to cancel lessons / to change the standing order / direct debit amount.

*Drum Truck is a trading name of The CSDT Partnership and refers to drum lessons given by this company and any of its franchisees.


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